16 Nov 17 / 14:00 RT @biosintrum: Het Biosintrum wekt nu al veel interesse op! Team Project- en programmamanagement van de Provincie Overijssel organiseerde…
14 Nov 17 / 13:30 Wow, 4 reeën komen even buurten op het park. Dat is nog eens werken in een natuurlijke omgeving!
14 Nov 17 / 12:10 Good things take their time... We hebben er lang naar uitgekeken maar nu gaat het echt gebeuren: op 1 december star…

Target group

Ecomunitypark targets companies, research institutions, educational organisations and other parties that wish to further develop their activities in a sustainable work environment.

The park puts into practice the concept of the biobased society.The following types of activity are targeted:

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Research and Consultancy
  • Education
  • Product development
  • Services 

These activities should take place entirely or partly within the following themes:

  • Agriculture
  • Nature and Landscape
  • Health and Food
  • Energy
  • Innovation and biobased materials

There is no minimum limit for a company's size. For distribution and production a maximum surface area of 7.500 m2 GFA for business units is applied.

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