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14 Nov 17 / 13:30 Wow, 4 reeën komen even buurten op het park. Dat is nog eens werken in een natuurlijke omgeving!
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Spatial planning

The following key points have been formulated for the Ecomunitypark on the basis of 5 theme-based studies, in order to guarantee the park's high-quality embedding in the landscape:
1.    Transition from park to natural landscape
2.    Using the gradient
3.    A distinctive entry to the village
4.    Good accessibility
5.    Water

In the future, Ecomunitypark will provide a gradual transition between the built-up area - which continues to advance - and the precious valley of the brook. This transition will be protected through the thoughtful positioning of landscaped elements and buildings. The entry to Oosterwolde Zuid will undergo a true metamorphosis. The village's entry, from the N381 to Ecomunitypark, will have a high-quality, special identity.

Working environment
Beyond the natural landscape, Ecomunitypark will provide a landscaped work environment, which has a unique character. This means that the business units are incorporated in a green, natural environment. The buildings' premises form an integrated part of the overall landscape. At least 55% of the terrain will be landscaped with trees, plants and water.

In terms of the accessibility of Ecomunitypark, road safety is the priority. Heavy vehicles and other traffic will be separated on the access routes to and from the park. Lorries will go directly to the northern part, which is intended for production and distribution. Cars and slow traffic go to the southern part, where offices, education and research will be accommodated.

Pedestrians and cyclists are very welcome in the park; they are given extra attention during the design phase. The rural nature of the park is reflected in the accessibility provided.

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