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Design of the buildings

As far as design is concerned, there is one design team which takes care of designing all the buildings. The Master Plan was drawn up by Power House Company in association with Interra. Power House Company has been selected as the architect for designing the first buildings.

Owner and users of the buildings give feedback to the architects, so that the buildings can be adapted to their wishes and requirements in terms of specific identity and design. The buildings to be completed must have a great appeal and fit into the work environment, which means that materials and colours have to be carefully selected. This gives a harmonious result in the buildings' design and the materials used.

Harmoniously designed buildings, thoughtfully positioned in the landscape
The park has a low building density. Buildings are completed in several clusters: three clusters for larger business units, storage and distribution, and three clusters for offices, research and education. The maximum building height is 12 metres. The offices and research buildings will be completed in two (and sometimes three) layers. Biobased and recycled building materials will be used during the process. In short, the park will be characterised by both unity and diversity, which guarantees many years of high-quality use of space.

The sustainable development of the buildings not only applies to the technical aspects. An important feature of sustainability is the work climate in the buildings, which involves, for example, how people experience the building, humidity control, direct sunlight control, adequate daylight, and the connection between workplaces and park. Buildings designed properly and carefully, with these points in mind, will lead to an environment where people work more healthily and happily, which has a positive effect on productivity, sick leave, retaining current staff and attracting new staff.

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