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The park as Community

The development contributes to boosting the business activity in the region because of its unique character, and also through co-creation and the improvement of the quality of life. A special aspect of the philosophy and structure of Ecomunitypark is the sense of community. The park welcomes companies that wish to and are able to contribute to a pleasant, profitable, future-proof work environment. Good cooperation among the companies at the site is the ruling principle: making optimum use of one another's expertise in the development and operational phase of entrepreneurship. After completion, the site will offer lots of potential for new programmes based on future social and economic developments.

Good cooperation is a core concept. The companies at the park are responsible for laying out and maintaining the location on the basis of sustainability and ecologically sound practice. One of the practical examples is the direct consumption of the crops grown at Ecomunitypark. Local cultivation and consumption contribute to the sustainability and good quality of the food, obtaining profits through sales, and it limits the costs of landscape maintenance. Functionality and high-quality use of the work environment are key concepts.

Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship (SRE) is one of the ruling principles at Ecomunitypark. Of course, the park is constructed in a sustainable way, and the buildings will also be sustainable. Companies to be established at the park are also asked to make an active contribution: what they can do in terms of SRE in their business operations, and what they can do in association with other companies at the park.
Preference will be given to local companies for the construction and completion of park and buildings. Job seekers from the region will also be strongly encouraged to gain work experience during the construction of the park.

Another aspect of SRE will be the collaboration with care institutions which will be involved in the construction, management and maintenance of the park. They will also play a part in, for instance, maintaining the vegetable garden of 3,000 square metres for the restaurant at the park.

CO2 neutral

It is the park's aim to become energy neutral. A concept is being developed whereby energy is generated by means of solar panels in combination with other sustainable resources. Heating and cooling of the buildings will take place largely on the basis of heat-cold storage in the soil.

What is special about the system is that it is based on a so-called smart grid concept. Energy, heat and cold will be provided at park level, for which purpose one smart system will be laid. This means that companies no longer get their own systems, but are supplied with these products as a "service". Ecomunitypark is unique in the Netherlands in that respect. 

ECOstyle, which is located at Ecomunitypark, is fully energy neutral by installing solar panels on the roof of the office and warehouse.

Biobased materials

Ecomunitypark uses sustainable materials for the construction of the park and completion of the buildings. Materials will be biobased whenever possible. Where this is not possible, the aim will be to use recycled materials.

Preference is given to Cradle to Cradle materials and products in this respect. These materials and products consist of environmentally safe, fully reusable components. Aspects such as the flexibility of buildings, the options for dismountable construction and the reusability of building systems will receive special attention.


The area where the park is located was used for agriculture in the past, mainly as intensively farmed grazing and corn land, with land reclamation for agricultural purposes. The existing wood banks will be fully integrated in the development of the park. The park's ecological structure will strengthen the location's biodiversity.

The ecologically sound cultivation of a variety of flowers, plants and crops, as well as the construction of watercourses with nature-friendly banks and fish ladders will increase the natural value of the area. The cultivation is based on a diversity in varieties which blend in well with the indigenous varieties that have traditionally been found in the area.



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