16 Nov 17 / 14:00 RT @biosintrum: Het Biosintrum wekt nu al veel interesse op! Team Project- en programmamanagement van de Provincie Overijssel organiseerde…
14 Nov 17 / 13:30 Wow, 4 reeën komen even buurten op het park. Dat is nog eens werken in een natuurlijke omgeving!
14 Nov 17 / 12:10 Good things take their time... We hebben er lang naar uitgekeken maar nu gaat het echt gebeuren: op 1 december star…


In 2014 BREAAM granted us five stars for extremely sustainable development. We are the first project worldwide to receive five stars on this topic.

The sustainability aspect plays an important part in the distinctive nature of the work environment and in creating the necessary added value. Ecomunitypark will be developed, built and managed in a way that is fully sustainable.Ecomunitypark will use the BREEAM-NL method as a measuring instrument for sustainability. The method has been developed by the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC). This organisation represents hundreds of companies in the Dutch development and building sector.

BREEAM is considered the most important quality mark for sustainable buildings and locations in the Netherlands. The BREEAM certification for locations is based on 6 factors:

  1. Management (e.g. participation of stakeholders, management and use);
  2. Synergy (e.g. location's vision, adaptability, sustainable yield);
  3. Resources (e.g. energy, water, use of materials, robust designs);
  4. Spatial Development (use of space, ecology, mobility, sustainability of buildings);
  5. Wellness and Prosperity (e.g. social safety, regional employment, perception of the environment);
  6. Location's Climate (e.g. wind, air, water, soil, noise, light nuisance).
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