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The Ecomunity Center

The Ecomunity Center is at the very heart of the work environment. This unique building is there to be used by anyone at the park and its social environment. It is a hub of communal facilities, such as a restaurant, meeting rooms, flexi workplaces, an education room and a hotel. Knowledge transfer and education are the most important pillars of the Ecomunity Center. 

The park concept is based on limiting the space used for meetings and restaurants in the business units located at the park. Large meetings and lunches take place in the meeting rooms and restaurant of the Ecomunity Center. Accommodating these functions at a central location saves room in the individual buildings. The special nature of the location will promote optimum interaction and synergy. The meeting centre meets the needs of all park users, but it also targets other companies and institutions from the Northern Netherlands. The Ecomunity Center will be a sustainable, extremely inspiring place, where people can meet, organise conferences or events, have brainstorming sessions or provide workshops.  

Visitors of the Ecomunity Center are very welcome to learn more about the unique work environment and sustainable entrepreneurship. Some of those visitors will come for business purposes: authorities and companies that want to find out more about sustainable park development. The Center also targets tourists and recreational visitors who want to learn more about sustainability and the biobased society during their stay in the region.

Accomodating knowledge
The Ecomunity Center is going to have a substantial garden with greenhouses, which will largely meet the organic restaurant's need for fresh vegetables and herbs. Healthy, delicious food from our own garden. The restaurant will be open to staff working in the park and to external visitors.

The hotel will serve partly to accommodate guests of the companies established at the park, but it will also target tourists and other visitors. The park provides a unique combination of work environment and nature, and it shows people the very essence of sustainability. Stenden University will be involved in operating the Ecomunity Center. Its students can gain experience of all aspects of hospitality management at the restaurant and the meeting centre.

The Center will also have an informationdesk and rooms for sole traders and other small office users.

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