16 nov 17 / 14:00 RT @biosintrum: Het Biosintrum wekt nu al veel interesse op! Team Project- en programmamanagement van de Provincie Overijssel organiseerde…
14 nov 17 / 13:30 Wow, 4 reeën komen even buurten op het park. Dat is nog eens werken in een natuurlijke omgeving!
14 nov 17 / 12:10 Good things take their time... We hebben er lang naar uitgekeken maar nu gaat het echt gebeuren: op 1 december star…

Park and Facility Management

As an organisation, Ecomunitypark is and remains responsible for the collective management and maintenance of landscaped land and water. The management of the park (in particular its sustainable management and maintenance, car parks, cycle paths and footpaths) will be undertaken by Ecomunitypark Beheer, under the instruction of an Owners Association.

The municipality of Ooststellingwerf is responsible for the management and maintenance of roads, street lights and underground infrastructure. The Owners Association will also oversee the hiring of facility management services, such as window cleaning, security, cleaning, and the central purchasing of goods. It will also decide, in mutual consultation, which services and products are to be bought jointly because of efficiency benefits.

A laboratory will be made available at the park, which can be used by companies as well as educational institutions.


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