17 Jan 18 / 12:21 Geweldig trots dat we hier onderdeel van zijn!
10 Jan 18 / 14:46 RT @biosintrum: De @provfryslan laat er geen gras over groeien en gaat onze #challenge aan. Succes! @Sanderderouwe #spijkerbroek #isolatieā€¦
8 Jan 18 / 18:46 Kijktip! Interview met burgemeester Harry Oosterman over diepte-investeringen in de economā€¦


The park is situated on the edge of Oosterwolde. At the moment there are no local bus services yet which stop at the park. This issue is still being discussed.
The park is also, in consultation with the municipality, looking into sustainable solutions for transport to and from the bus station in Oosterwolde. Sustainable transport solutions, such as electric buses, will be provided for the transportation of students from Leeuwarden. The park will also have charging points for electric cars.

Heavy vehicles and other traffic will be separated on the access routes to and from the park. Lorries will go directly to the northern part, which is intended for production and distribution. Cars and slow traffic go to the southern part, where offices, education and research will be accommodated.

Parking for staff and visitors to the park will be provided at central car parks. This means that the location will look tidy and well organised, and companies can share car parks, so that less space needs to be set aside for parking.

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