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Cooperation with education

Ecomunitypark wishes to facilitate and stimulate the link between SMEs and education and research. For that purpose, a number of educational institutions in Friesland have been approached. In the meantime, agreements have been reached with these institutions about the format of that cooperation, which will involve research, completing projects as instructed, work placements and providing education at the park.

Stenden University

The collaboration with Stenden University focuses on three subjects:

  • Hospitality management
    Stenden is involved in the development of the hotel and catering concept for the Ecomunity Center, and together with its students it will take part in the Center's operation
  • Tourism and leisure
    Stenden undertakes research into the tourism/leisure needs of the area, and it will also occupy itself with branding the region in terms of tourism as a total concept
  • Biobased polymers
    Stenden researches the options for biobased applications for the Ecomunity Center and is also involved in the construction of biobased buildings in the park

Van Hall Larenstein

The collaboration with Van Hall Larenstein Instituut focuses on the following subjects:

  • Biobased Society
    Van Hall is one of the knowledge centres in this field in the Netherlands. It supports Ecomunitypark in elaborating the concepts and provides input with its teachers and students in their realisation.
  • Sustainable location development
    Van Hall is going to undertake substudies into various technical environmental aspects involving water, energy, ecology/biodiversity and waste.

Nordwin College

The collaboration with Nordwin College focuses on the following subjects:

  • Creation of the park
    Support in the design phase in areas such as cycle paths and footpaths and landscaping
    Support in the park's completion phase
  • Management and maintenance
    Support in the park's management and maintenance. It will provide this in consultation with Verhoeve Groen.
  • Research into areas such as:
    Urban agriculture and occupational therapy gardening
    Ecology and biodiversity
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