16 Nov 17 / 14:00 RT @biosintrum: Het Biosintrum wekt nu al veel interesse op! Team Project- en programmamanagement van de Provincie Overijssel organiseerde…
14 Nov 17 / 13:30 Wow, 4 reeën komen even buurten op het park. Dat is nog eens werken in een natuurlijke omgeving!
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Park concept

Ecomunitypark is a unique, sustainable work environment: an inspiring environment where companies collaborate, create synergy, and generate added value for people, nature and environment. Its underlying principle is that of integral sustainability, which is inextricably linked to socially and ecologically responsible entrepreneurship. All the choices to be made are based on what is best in terms of social, economic and environmental aspects.

The project's aim is to bring together companies and institutions involved in production, distribution, services, education/research and consultancy. These are mainly companies and institutions which focus on:

  • Agriculture
  • Nature & landscape
  • Health & food
  • Energy and innovation & biobased materials

The idea is to create synergy among them in a sustainable setting. There is also scope for other companies which, for instance, apply Cradle2Cradle as their philosophy. A community of companies will evolve at the park, characterised by mutual encouragement and support in the process of continuous innovation. 

A central building will promote interaction between the companies. This so-called Ecomunity Center will have a restaurant, a meeting and conference room an office units for small, innovative businesses. Stenden university plays an important part in operating the ECOmunity Center. Whenever possible the restaurant will use its own veg, fruit and herbs from the 3,000 m2 garden, which is located at the heart of Ecomunitypark.  

The park is laid out in a natural setting, with more than 55% of landscaped land and water. Ecomunitypark BV will sustainably manage and maintain the site in association with employment schemes and care institutions.    

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