17 Jan 18 / 12:21 Geweldig trots dat we hier onderdeel van zijn!
10 Jan 18 / 14:46 RT @biosintrum: De @provfryslan laat er geen gras over groeien en gaat onze #challenge aan. Succes! @Sanderderouwe #spijkerbroek #isolatieā€¦
8 Jan 18 / 18:46 Kijktip! Interview met burgemeester Harry Oosterman over diepte-investeringen in de economā€¦

Innovation and knowledge exchange

The park wants to give impetus to the regional economy and inspire young entrepreneurs, research and educational institutions, and larger companies which operate on the basis of the building blocks of a biobased society. Knowledge should be shared. The valorisation of knowledge will take place through the involvement of educational institutions and the broad publication of the acquired knowledge of park development, partnership models and the added value they generate. This means that the park becomes an open source economy which, as an important Dutch cluster, seeks to establish links within the Netherlands and far beyond the border. The knowledge gained during its development will be actively shared with other developments in Friesland and, more generally, the Netherlands. As a result, the park will act as an example for the whole country.

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