17 Jan 18 / 12:21 Geweldig trots dat we hier onderdeel van zijn!
10 Jan 18 / 14:46 RT @biosintrum: De @provfryslan laat er geen gras over groeien en gaat onze #challenge aan. Succes! @Sanderderouwe #spijkerbroek #isolatie…
8 Jan 18 / 18:46 Kijktip! Interview met burgemeester Harry Oosterman over diepte-investeringen in de econom…


The municipality of Ooststellingwerf  supports the development of Ecomunitypark, and recognises that the sustainability aspects will set an example for other developments within the municipality.  


Logo Ooststellingwerg

At a higher level, the same applies to the province of Friesland. The province supports the park's spatial development, and provides financial support to make sure that it becomes the most sustainable business park in the Netherlands. It is being developed in close consultation with the authorities, educational institutions, local residents and other people concerned.

Logo Provincie Friesland

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