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In a Biobased Economy biomass from plants, algae and waste from nature and industry are used as green components for chemical products, materials and energy. The transition to a Biobased Economy leads to innovations and economic opportunities. Sustainability is a condition for the development of a Biobased Economy.

The Biobased Economy is a source of renewal in the Netherlands. We are one of the leaders in this area in Europe. A lot of research is being done and the larger Dutch companies, including the chemical industries, are involved in this. However, there is still little awareness of biobased materials in society, and so far there has not been any real impact.

That is why Ecomunitypark wishes to go a step further and use this philosophy as the basis for a Biobased Society. This means that we want to cooperate with municipality and province, local residents, the corporate sector in the Northern Netherlands, research institutions and education in order to stimulate a broader application of this in society.

A Biobased Society emerges when the philosophy of the Biobased Economy is embedded in society.


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