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Application of the Biobased Society at Ecomunitypark

Ecomunitypark wants to integrate the concept of the Biobased Society at its park as much as possible. In doing so, it wants to close the cycle and set an example for the application of biobased construction materials.

The application of this is based on the following three aspects:

Materials as components:
Biobased materials consist of natural components. Ecomunitypark wants to focus on such components (mostly consisting of natural waste products) released in the Northern Netherlands.

Manufacture from component to building material:
Ecomunitypark wants to attract companies that can process those components into building materials at the park. It also wishes to facilitate educational and research institutions in their research into possible applications of biobased construction materials.

Application of materials in park and buildings:
The third aspect concerns using biobased materials whenever possible in the completion of the park and the buildings. Specific conditions in this respect are that the materials have to be sufficiently available, the whole process should be based on (virtually) proven technology, and the price of those materials should not differ too much from that of a non-biobased equivalent.

This concept will be worked out in further detail in terms of research and application in close consultation with the municipality of Ooststellingwerf, the province of Friesland, and educational institutions such as Stenden UniversityVan Hall instituut and Nordwin College.

An information and education programme will be set up for schools and education, and visitors will get information about the Biobased Society as well as general information about the sustainable aspects of the park.

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