17 jan 18 / 12:21 Geweldig trots dat we hier onderdeel van zijn!
10 jan 18 / 14:46 RT @biosintrum: De @provfryslan laat er geen gras over groeien en gaat onze #challenge aan. Succes! @Sanderderouwe #spijkerbroek #isolatieā€¦
8 jan 18 / 18:46 Kijktip! Interview met burgemeester Harry Oosterman over diepte-investeringen in de economā€¦


ECOstyle BV initiated the concept for Ecomunitypark. The company spent some time looking for a suitable location to further expand its activities. ECOstyle occupies itself with the development and marketing of ecologically responsible products for soil, plants and animals. The new location also had to make a substantial contribution to communicating its philosophy and its belief in the power of nature.  Cooperation and innovation are among the priorities of ECOstyle BV; especially when this takes place in association with like-minded companies.

A team of experts, all of whom have proved their worth in sustainability, concept development and location development, have prepared the plan for ECOmunitypark and have elaborated it into a unique plan concept.


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