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23 Dec 16 / 16:30 Ecomunitypark wenst iedereen hele #fijnefeestdagen kerstdagen en een duurzaam 2017 toe! #kerst
22 Dec 16 / 11:15 RT @OpiniebladForum: ‘Ik vond het wel mooi dat zo’n man in Londen zijn best doet om Oosterwolde uit te spreken,’ @D

Ecomunitypark; an unique ecological work environment

Ecomunitypark: a unique work environment for companies. Sustainability is an important issue in our society. It involves finding a solution for environmental problems, energy supplies and the shortage of materials.

Ecomunitypark is a sustainable concept for accommodating companies and organisations, which offers a genuine solution. It is not a standard business site, but an inspiring work environment in a special location. The park is about action rather than words: being courageous and investing in a green, CO2-neutral, sustainable future.

  • An unique work environment with a great spacial quality (with more than 55% of landscaped land and water)
  • Focused on sharing knowlegde and experiences between 
  • Helping to develop innovative businessmodels
  • Contributes to the welfare and employability of people
  • Contributes to the regional economy
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